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About Tara Weddings

Tara Weddings, born from the union of art and love, was founded by a duo of fine arts connoisseurs turned wedding videographers. This happily married couple, having first-hand knowledge of the wedding's emotional whirlwind, embarked on a journey to immortalize such moments for every couple. Named after the Sanskrit word for 'Star,' Tara Weddings aims to highlight every couple as the stars of their significant day.

With over a decade in the industry, our venture in Hawaii has allowed us to capture the essence of countless love stories, each narrated with a unique cinematic flair. Our dedication to the art of video storytelling has seen us cover more than 650 weddings, alongside 250 engagements and nearly 600 other celebratory events.

Professional Wedding Videography Services

Our Hawaii videography team comprises artists who believe that every wedding deserves to be told beautifully. The narrative of your love, the laughter shared during the ceremony, the tears of joy during the toasts, and the festive atmosphere of your reception, all deserve to be immortalized in film. At Tara Weddings, we offer a suite of videography services tailored to capture every mood and moment of your wedding day.

Tailored Videography Packages

Understanding that no two weddings are the same, we've meticulously crafted a range of packages to suit the diverse needs of our clients in Hawaii. From intimate half-day affairs to grandiose full-day celebrations, our packages are designed to accommodate your specific requirements.

The LUCKY VIDEO package

The Lucky Video package is tailored for those seeking quality within a compact time frame. It offers up to six hours of professional videography, ensuring your most significant moments are captured. With one videographer, you’ll receive a polished highlight video and a feature film that distills the essence of your day. Enjoy aerial views for a dramatic perspective and the unique offering of a same-day video edit to relive the magic instantly.

  • Half-Day Coverage (Up To 6 Hours)
  • Single Videographer’s Expertise
  • Crafted Highlight Reel
  • Cinematic Feature Film
  • Aerial Footage for Breathtaking Views
  • Same-Day Video Edit for Immediate Enjoyment


The Legendary Video package expands your narrative with up to ten hours of coverage. Two videographers work in unison to not miss a beat, ensuring your entire day is immortalized. From your morning preparations to the evening's last dance, our team captures your journey with a dynamic highlight video and an extended feature film, topped with same-day editing.

  • Full-Day Coverage (Up To 10 Hours)
  • Dual Videographers for Maximum Coverage
  • Dynamic Highlight Video
  • Extended Feature Film for a Complete Narrative
  • All-Encompassing Aerial Coverage
  • Same-Day Video Edit to Share Your Joy

EPIC VIDEO Bestseller

For an unrivaled videography experience, the Epic Video package offers full-day coverage for up to thirteen hours. With two videographers capturing your day, every laugh, tear, and dance is filmed. Aerial shots provide an awe-inspiring view, while the same-day edit allows you to share the highlights at your reception.

  • Full-Day Immersive Coverage (Up To 13 Hours)
  • Team of Two Videographers for Comprehensive Filming
  • Artfully Created Highlight Video
  • Extensive Feature Film Capturing Every Detail
  • Majestic Aerial Coverage for a Grand Perspective
  • Same-Day Video Edit for an Evening Reveal

What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about their experiences with Tara Weddings in Hawaii:

"Tara Weddings turned our wedding day into a beautifully crafted movie. The emotion and beauty of the day were captured so eloquently – it still brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it." - Tom & Jin
"The team was professional, friendly, and so easy to work with. They made us feel comfortable and captured our wedding beautifully." - Sarah & Bob
"Tara Weddings transformed our wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece. The attention to detail and the emotional intensity captured were beyond our expectations. We felt like stars in our own special movie!" - Jessica & Mark
"Choosing Tara Weddings was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The team was not just professional but also incredibly creative and empathetic. They captured moments we didn't even notice, making our wedding video a treasure trove of memories." - Emily & Sarah
"The video produced by Tara Weddings is nothing short of spectacular. Watching it feels like reliving the day, emotions and all. The quality of the video is impeccable, and the drone footage provided breathtaking views of our outdoor venue." - Oliver & James
"We were amazed by how Tara Weddings handled our big day. They blended into the background, capturing every moment without being intrusive. Our guests loved interacting with them, and the final product captured the essence of our wedding perfectly." - Ayesha & Thomas
"From the initial consultation to receiving our beautifully edited video, Tara Weddings was fantastic. They truly listened to our vision and executed it flawlessly. Our wedding video is something we’ll cherish forever." - Sophia & Kyle
"The professionalism and artistic vision of Tara Weddings set them apart. They captured our multi-cultural wedding with such elegance and sensitivity, respecting all traditions beautifully. The highlight reel is a hit among our families across the globe." - Priya & David
"The Tara Weddings team was absolutely wonderful! They captured every emotion, every laugh, and every tear on our wedding day. Watching the video, we were able to see so many beautiful moments that we missed during the hustle and bustle. We are forever grateful!" - Clara & Michael
"Hiring Tara Weddings was the best decision we made for our wedding! The videographers were not only talented but also extremely discreet - we hardly knew they were there, yet they managed to capture everything so beautifully. We highly recommend their services to any couple!" - Anita & Sam
"Tara Weddings provided us with a treasure trove of memories. The video was stunning, with cinematic quality that made us feel like we were reliving our day all over again. Every significant moment was captured with precision and artistry." - Rachel & David
"We were thrilled with the professionalism of Tara Weddings. The team went above and beyond to ensure they captured all the right moments. The final video exceeded our expectations, and it’s something we’ll cherish for a lifetime." - Mei & Jonathan
"Tara Weddings captured our multicultural wedding with such finesse and understanding of different traditions. They were respectful and attentive to the nuances of both cultures, which was very important to us. The video they produced is something we hold dear as it represents our families coming together beautifully." - Fatima & John
"Thank you, Tara Weddings, for making our wedding day immortal. The video is beyond beautiful; it's a piece of art that captures the essence of who we are as a couple. Your team's attention to detail and sensitivity to our needs was apparent throughout the whole process." - Sofia & Alex
"The highlight video that Tara Weddings crafted for us was simply magical. The editing, the music, the shots – everything was put together so perfectly. It was like a dream watching it back, and it brought back all the wonderful emotions from our day." - Linda & Peter

The Evolution of Wedding Videography in Hawaii

Wedding videography has transformed significantly since its inception, evolving alongside advancements in technology and changes in societal norms. In the early days of videography, capturing a wedding was a luxury accessible only to the wealthiest families. The equipment was bulky and expensive, and the quality of the video was low by today's standards. As technology progressed, particularly with the introduction of portable video cameras in the 1980s, wedding videography became more accessible to the general public.

The 1990s and early 2000s saw digital revolutionizing the field, making wedding videos clearer, easier to edit, and more creative. Videographers began to adopt a more cinematic approach, focusing not just on the event itself but on telling a compelling story of the couple’s journey. Today, wedding videography is an integral part of almost every wedding, celebrated for its ability to capture the essence of the day in motion, preserving not just images but the real emotions and atmosphere.

Modern wedding videographers like Tara Weddings utilize advanced techniques such as drone footage, multiple camera setups, and artistic editing styles to create movies that couples cherish for a lifetime. This transformation from simple recordings to cinematic masterpieces reflects a broader trend of personal storytelling, making each wedding video a unique and valuable keepsake.

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